There are 2100 neighbors here in Central-Cocoanut, and we are so fortunate that lots are neighborkids.  We also celebrate the cultural richness of who we are as a neighborhood.  The diversity of strengths and talents among all of us as neighbors is at the core of our discoveries, inventions and actions.     


Central-Cocoanut is a 47-block neighborhood in the Newtown community of Sarasota, Florida.  We aim to know our home neighborhood better than anyone, so that together as a neighborhood we can make sense of what’s going on, make decisions, and take action together.  All for the sake of neighborkids and the neighborhood.  And we do it by following the lead of kids.  


We know of no other place in the country where kids are making such tremendous contributions as neighbors.  As efforts continue and word spreads, neighborkids find themselves in the news!

Do you have ideas to share about our neighborhood, and what we are doing together as neighbors? If so, please call or email us!  You can click on this photo of neighbor-baby Amirah to send us a direct message.